Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Girls Do You Have?
We currently have around 130 girls working on a regular basis. It fluctuates based on the season and demand, but we typically have between 125 and 175 providers to choose from.
What Types of Massage Do You Provide?

Our staff provides basic massage types such as Swedish & Deep Tissue, but our specialties are the more nuanced variants.

How Much Does it Cost?
Sessions are $250 per hour, per girl, plus tips. Yes, you can find cheaper providers in Las Vegas, but the difference is who shows up at your door. All our girls are 5-star babes, who make our clients comfortable and happy. Don’t skimp on price on these types of services, it never pays off.
How Much Should I Tip

Tips are always appreciated and you can negotiate with your provider before the session begins.

How Long Does it Take to Arrive?
Our girls can be at your hotel in around 20 minutes. During peak times, it can take a little longer, or around 45 minutes.
What Happens If I'm Not Happy?

You’re under no obligation to accept the provider if you don’t want to.  Before you pay the initial fee, simply tell her politely that you’re not interested, call us back, and we’ll send another provider.

Why Do You Need My Name & Room Number
In order for the hotel operators to connect our call to your room, we need to have the first and last name of the person on the reservation, as well as the correct room number. Otherwise, they will refuse to place the call.

We call your room directly to verify that you’re actually staying at the hotel. This prevents prank callers from wasting our time driving around town.